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Topo Trail Maps


Follow Your Passion

I've always searched for a way to combine my love of the outdoors with a passion for art & design. Staring at trail maps day after day the basic concept started to form in my mind! Making that first humble map allowed me to appreciate my favorite trails in a whole new way. Whether you get one for yourself or as a special gift we hope it brings you closer to the trails you love. Every map is handmade by me (Trevor) with the help of my wife Erica.

Less Is More

Our maps only include the basics: a trail and a compass. This minimalistic approach let’s you fully appreciate your favorite trail without any distractions. Each map features American Hardwoods with beautiful grain patterns. The contours appear different depending on where you stand, either casting shadows or highlighting the trail. It’s a piece of art you’ll enjoy looking at for years to come.

Get Inspired!

Stuck inside? Long day at the office? These maps immediately bring you back to your favorite trail. It's a new way to share your adventures with others or relive that special trip! We want you to use our maps to keep your passion for outdoors high so you can get out there and get after it! 

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