Shoulder Surgery - Week 7

The bone has healed! Or at least I hope so... The SLAP tear on the other hand will still take some time but that's ok. 

Making big leaps in the overhead mobility this week. I also got my external rotation to 30 degrees. You need to have a week or so in between tests to really see the improvements. But they are happening! Day to day tasks are getting much easier and I even feel like I can jog short distances without any pain! I'm working on the behind the back and interior rotation now and getting better range in almost all angles... my goal is to be at full ROM by 12 weeks so I'm over 1/2 way there. Judging by how much progress has be made in just 2 weeks of PT I'm feeling very confident! I've turned a corner mentally which is largely due to the fact that day to day tasks are easy again. I just can't lift heavy things but cooking, putting in contacts, driving, all these are no prob! 

The shoulder is nice and stiff each morning but by the afternoon it gets loosened up. Heat packs help before mobility. 

I got 3 days of PT in this week and got to almost 33 degrees of external rotation and 148 degrees of overhead extension! If I lay flat of the ground my hand is about 8 inches away from touching over my head. Getting closer... I had one minor setback however. A bee was buzzing right next to my ear which made me jump and tweak my shoulder in the process. It hurt really bad at the moment but didn't seem to have much hangover to the next day. Feels pretty good now... My next doctor check up is in a week, 2 month post, so hopefully will get cleared for some more active PT and possibly jogging! Finger's crossed... 

Making huge progress on the maps this week! Learned a bunch of was to boost efficiency. I'm almost done with ten frames, I have all the maps done and will be assembling everything this week for my first art show and taking pictures to finalize and launch the website! Getting exciting! I've already maxed out the glow forge laser but if I can prove the concept then I'll be ordering an industrial laser asap! This would give me a 35 x 55 inch build area to take production to the next level! 

Trevor Crosta