Shoulder Surgery - Week 6

Well the bone should be almost done healing at this point which is amazing that our bodies are capable of such things!

I requested a copy of the surgery notes which I will post an excerpt from. To summarize I DID have a Level 4 SLAP tear which involves the bicep tendon. Apparently he fixed this up during the procedure and we're all good... But it could have been much worse! It wasn't bad enough to need the full bicep tendonosis where they reattach the bicep tendon onto the humerus... 

I've been doing my PT exercises and met with a really cool new guy Scott that show'd me some new moves. He also said that I was super lucky to not get the Bankart lesion because I don't have any ROM limitations. Apparently you are only allowed to go so far so fast with other tears because they don't want you blowing it out, but I received no such restrictions. Not that I'm going to push it too hard. And 4 weeks of passive PT is a restriction... 

He went through a banker lesion 10+ years ago and had pretty much full ROM. He said the only thing on his was that his external rotation never came back to 100% and he can't throw a ball as far but can get a better spiral now so go figure... He seemed super optimistic about my recovery tho and though I'd be back sooner then 6 months! He also said that if I were to put my good shoulder in a sling for 6 weeks it would be just as stiff and atrophied as my bad one. This was to point out that most of the pain or stiffness is from being inactive, not from it being "injured." Working on those stretches is all you can do now to get it back.

Mobility is slowly improving this week but the big win so far was being able to help my arm up to the shower head to be able to wash my arm pit with the actual stream of water... I've had to splash water under there for the last 8 weeks because I just couldn't get the angle right... As others have said, if you can get a detachable shower head it would be a big help!

I can now sit comfortably on the bike trainer with my hands on the bars in a normal riding position, I'm being careful not to put much pressure on that arm. It's easy to get caught up in how far I have to go but looking at how far I've come in the last few weeks is amazing! Focus on the little improvements and know that everyone else whose been injured has gone through this. 

Starting hiking a little more and focusing on swinging my arm as I walk. Feels fine, no pain. Uphill running might be the 1st think I can add back in next month. It's much lower impact then flat or down. Just thinking of things I can upgrade about the exercise routine soon... 

I can put both hands on the steering wheel now. I'm not actively using my bad arm much but it can still hang out there for highway driving. The PT guy said to just move it as much as I can so that's what I'm doing... 

Big week with the laser and I'm trying to knock out those 1st 10 maps to get the rest of the site up and going. Learning stuff each time I make one! 

I really felt like I turned a corner with mobility this week! It's amazing how quickly PT starts helping. It's having someone show you that yes this is uncomfortable but if you keep it up you get better. I already gained a solid 20 degrees of overhead ROM. External is still a bitch but they said that so whatever. I started doing behind the back butt wipe stretch as well as using walls a lot more throughout the day. I can help my hand crawl up the wall and then try to let it down slowly under it's own power. The bicep tendon tear is a a little sore and I can really feel it on bend arm motions where I go from a bend elbow and try to extend overhead vs just a straight arm raise. 

But just the feeling this weekend even compared to last weekend was substantial. I was able to sit very comfortably on the bike, cooking is easier, driving i can work the shifter and dials with the right hand better, computer is no problem and walking is great! I can sleep on my left side now and even roll a little onto the right shoulder to turn off the light without too much pain.

I designed and cut multiple new trails, Mckenzie River Trail looks outstanding! I just designed the Bright Angel trail at the Grand Canyon that looks very promising! I love trails I know well because as I make them I'm instantly reminded of certain parts and get excited to go back or explore new ones! 

Trevor Crosta