Shoulder Surgery - 5 weeks out

Started the week off with my one month post surgery exam with the doc. He said everything looks great, and I’m cleared for PT!! I was able to call around and found that there is an office right across from where my wife works and got and apt the next day. 

Little weird at 1st but got right into it. The PT dude did a quick assessment and then got into testing my ROM with a few different moves. I’m at almost 120 degrees of straight line lift and about zero on external + or - a few…. He worked on me for a bit doing some heat to start then stretches and show’d me my prescription for 3 at home exercises. I’m using a golf club to help with external rotation and also lying on my back and trying to lift my arm overhead. Doing these 3-4 times a day for 10, 10 sec reps each. 

I started PT on Wednesday and in only 5 days I have a noticeable improvement in my arm ROM and decrease in pain for normal daily tings. Very excited to keep it up. I'm working up to PT 3XWeek on top of the at home exercises.

Talking to the doctor it sounds like it managed to NOT tear any of the tendons ligaments around the area. When the bone part of the glenoid cracked off the labrum was still attached to it and just moved with it instead of tearing. Not to get too optimistic but it sounds like recovery might be a lot easier long term then having to rehab a rotator cuff back to 100%. 

He said I'm looking at the next 4 weeks of passive PT movements and then we are having another checkup. If at the 8 week mark we are still looking good I'll be cleared for active pt which I assume means using my own muscles to move the arm instead of just using helpers or accessories.

My wrist is feeling better but still numb and weirdly painful at times. The doc wasn’t too concerned with this and said a lot of this will simply go away with time so I’m just keeping an eye on it.

It’s been a good week with the maps! Cut the most complex trail to date and figured out some new woods to test and use. 

Went swimming at our friends house on the river all weekend for my wife B-day and swimming with 3 limbs was actually more doable then I thought! Breast stroke is where it’s at. Also played corn hole left handed and won! 

It’s amazing when you take away your main sports how you are forced to adapt. Im realizing more and more that life is still super fun and to appreciate the small things. Yes I can’t wait to get back surfing or biking but its ok to have this downtime. Most people never even get the other side of the coin so to have to live a “normal” life is a good change of pace. 

We were driving along the Umpqua river to get to there house and noticed a trail running along the banks. It’s called the North Umpqua Trail. Brian said you can mountain bike it and its super long but lots of poison oak and ticks at the moment so that’s no fun.. 

Diet totally fell off the planet this weekend slash week… Tons of a booze, sugar, pizza and weed! Man… really time to get back on it! Friday I completed a whole lap of lunges around the top of the butte so that was a mini goal accomplished! Tits!

Got my weigh back up to the high 170’s after the fast. Feeling better about not shrinking away but need to get back on the workout wagon or I’m going to lose even more muscle… Step ups and lunges are where it’s at.

Trevor Crosta