Shoulder Surgery Recovery - Week 3

Day 15:  week 2

Slept OK last night, it’s already been a month since I originally hurt myself and my right arm has atrophied a crazy amount, I didn’t think I would be able to notice it this quickly but it’s definitely smaller than my left arm, I know that it was about 16 inches before the injury Sotile be interested to see once I can flex it again how big it is and how quickly I can get back to that original size,

I just did 20 minutes on the bike and it actually felt good I got a good sweat going, I open the garage door put on Some music. I also did lunges and single leg squats, Do you have a work out again is a huge game changer for your mental strength, I know that I can keep my legs in shape so that getting back on the bike will happen very quickly once my arm is healed, 

Sleeping on my side last night was OK I could get my shoulder comfortable but my wrist kept me up most of the night I slept into big chunks woke up to go P but the rest is the big problem right now so I’m not sure what to do other than not use it but it’s definitely not getting any better and it’s been almost 3 weeks now,

Still doing the pendulum exercises for my arm I’m getting a little better at it but it still painful it’s not like it’s a comfortable exercise I am bending down as far as I can and swing in my arm I’m also trying to work on external rotation but that I’m still at about 0° so I’m really focused on getting there at to 30° before I start physical therapy in two weeks.

I really got to focus on diet and flexibility during this downtime I know I can come out on the other side more flexible in better shape than I was before the injury.

Today is the start of week three and I’m finally heading back into the office to try and work on the maps will see how computer goes in a minute try not to aggravate my wrist to much.

Ended up doing three or four hours on the computer it was a little awkward and caused my shoulder pain a few times but all in all it was OK

The problem is my wrist It’s just not getting better and it actually felt like it was getting worse yesterday I’m not sure if that was the computer work or what but I talk to my buddy last night and he said the only thing to do is to put it in a full splint for a few days and rest it it’s just not getting better and it actually felt like it was getting worse yesterday I’m not sure if that was the computer work or what but I talk to my buddy last night and he said the only thing to do is to put in a full splint for a few days and rest it  

So now I’m faced with being out of work for a couple more days when my wrist heals I want to be able to use my fingers to type or anything like that so I ordered a wrist splint off Amazon and I’m waiting for it to show up. 

Despite all of this problems I’m still trying to remain positive and focus on what’s important I got to get these maps selling and I have to do left-handed work I guess

Day 16

Slept a little better last night I wrap my wrist in just a lifting brace and attempted to sleep on my side a little bit more best night of sleep yet and least amount of pain so far, the wrist splint seem to help even a little bit to keep the dull pain away.

Stepped on the scale this morning was 175.0, which is an all time low in the last maybe 10 years… It’s really gonna be fun to document how quick I can gain my muscle back, but if I keep it up on the bike my legs will be stronger than they were before

It’s going to be mid 90s today and too hot this afternoon to work in my space so I’m gonna head in early and try and do some laser cutting I’m starting to design the map layout files and I know I’ll learn a huge amount doing these next 10 to get the site up and running

Downloaded dictation on computer so we'll see if that helps with typing

Back on the laser today! Wearing wrist brace seems to help… not wearing sling today, we’ll see how it goes…

Well today was a mistake... I used my arm and wrist all day out of spite for my lost time and paid the price... worst sleep ever due to horrible aching wrist tendon pain...

Day 17

I’m not even worried about my shoulder anymore, it’s healing, but I have to figure out the wrist before it gets worse!

Advice to anyone, if you feel and tendon pain STOP USING YOUR ARM AND REST!!! I wasn’t so lucky....

I’ve got on a double wrap and the legit wrist brace shows up today... I would be totally fine on the comp and doing light tasks if my wrist was better. I’m going full rest mode for 5 days and will resume use on Monday... which will be the start of week 4...

I’m just hopeful that with a full day of no use I’ll be able to sleep tonight.

Went on a dog walk and did bike for 15 min and a light leg, arm, ab workout followed by 10min meditation, feeling better mentally and ready to rest today! 

Sat at the DIY cave for work all day and worked on some stretches research and stuff and did everything I could to not use my hand at all today the super brace showed up this afternoon I put that thing on so it’s been the first full day without using my hand I have been working on external rotation and it seems to be helping I’m now at 0% maybe 2% 5% like that or degrees I mean so we’re gonna try and sleep tonight and see if I have any less wrist pain sleeping in this crazy brace for the night

Day 17

Better sleep kinda... way less wrist pain tho so now I have to keep wearing the brace for sure!!! I hope each day improves slightly!

I can still feel a slight pain in my wrist from time to time but for the most part it seems to be better than it was yesterday so that’s what I’m gonna keep going off of making sure that each day is better than the last

Well I definitely got a little depressed today I went down the rabbit hole of looking through the forums of people with shoulder surgery and read stories about the recoveries and a lot of them were pretty bleak and understandably if you have a really successful shoulder surgery you're probably not to record or write anything

But I'm trying to be positive again so what I'm telling myself is that I'm not like most people I'm extremely active I'm only 32 it was a very successful procedure by very good doctor so they should be nothing stopping me from fully recovered

That being said I'm only 2 1/2 weeks out of surgery and I'm already riding a bike yet I can't use my hand moment but that's not anything to do with my shoulder and that ultimately won't stop me from doing sports so the shoulder again is the main concern

I just have to tell myself that I will recover I will go back to doing sports I love I need to really think about what is important in life and it's getting injured is worth it meaning staying out of the jump park not doing anything to extreme I need to check myself and realize that yes you can get hurt you're not invincible and getting injured is the worst so I need to avoid that at all costs I'm just can relax by the pool for the rest of the week…

But what I want to research right now are sports and activities that you can do with hurt shoulder let's look at this with a glass half-full and see what can a life I can still live.

I read a whole bunch of stories about people that six weeks out of surgery for barely using their arm not doing cardio work cited that they could even take the sling off I'm not really wearing my slang at home anymore and I understand that wearing it can keep the potential risk low but with my hand it seems to be hindering in the healing process so I'm trying where it only in very social situations Live life to 80% I'm just going to try and chill and do less being injured is making me realize I need to manage risk…

Day 18

Another night of no pain in my wrist because I wore the brace all night, but I can still feel a little twinge in my tendons when I straighten my arm and I’m just kinda hanging out I can tell that it’s not hundred percent yet so I’m in a really really try and not use my hand very much keep it rested until Monday

Shoulder feels great though I’ve been doing my exercises and the pain is almost unnoticeable unless I move It’s weird trying to get past its range of motion

I’m a little concerned with over using my left hand now so I’m in a really just try and relax today not do a whole bunch and I’ll get through this

174 this morning so I’m gonna try and eat more

Went to Black Butte today and got to be in the pool which felt amazing and then a PT expert dude came over last night and told me to not use the sling and flex my wrist a little bit more so we’re gonna try that

Day 19

Wore the brace again to sleep last night my hand felt pretty good this morning when I was stretching and I could feel it kind a light up again but I’m gonna try and just not use it very much and see what happens, shoulder is feeling good so I got that going for me

Good workout today! Waked 2.6 miles and did weights! Then did pool time! Just trying to baby my wrist, shoulder feels great! Sleeping is much better but wrist is still painful...

Day 20

Can almost lay on side now, still not flat on hard floor tho

Going to try fasting to heal my wrist!

We watched a fasting documentary and it was the extra boost I needed to switch into fast mode… Ive been researching how good fasting is at healing the body and really want to see if I can turbo charge the recovery time by doing a fast. My shoulder feeling pretty amazing other then the limited range of motion. My wrist is still hurting but at this point I’m not sure what else to do. I’ve worn the brace and go the horrible pain at night to be a little better but Monday will be another test day.

Day 21

Slept without the brace last night. Wrist still feels about the same. Today starts the fast mode to see if I can make a change through diet. I need to be back on the comp designing today so I’m just going to take it easy and see how much I can get away with. It’s been 3 weeks now post surgery which means only one week to go before I can start doing PT hopefully! I really need to work on the exterior rotation which is actually improving, I’m at zero degrees or greater under my own power. Getting into computer position is much easier now so if it weren’t for the wrist id be all set! But, such is life… I’m going to try and use the mouse left handed for a bit…. Shoulder exercises are getting a little easier, I’ve been doing pendulum, and then clock wise and counter rotation swings as often as I can think of doing them.

No choice but to suck it up now… Gotta move on with my live and deal with the pain…

Still in the 90s here super hot hard to do anything in the afternoon I need to wake up even earlier and get stuff in the morning

Fasting for a bit to see if the pain changes...

Shoulder exercises are getting ever so slightly easier

Got a new memory foam topper to try out!