Shoulder Surgery Recovery - Week 2

Day 8

Best sleep yet last night. Almost went a full 6 hours I’d say. Propping myself up was key to waking up without my arm throbbing! Pain meds last night didn’t seem to have the same effect as they have? I need to stop taking them anyway so that’s a good thing.  Started the weekly video updates yesterday and will do another one when we get back from the coast. I’m typing on the computer this morning but it’s not the most comfortable thing. Using a mouse is only going to work if it’s right in front of the keyboard, not off to the side… I’m hoping this will be a big week and I’ll get some movement back with less pain. Doc apt is tomorrow so lets hope for the best.

Took the doggy for a nice walk in the grass! Trying to look at the positives and get back to enjoying the simple things. As soon as I can shower more easily and get this dressing off then I can start working out and getting a good sweat going! Once I get that back life will be much much better! 

Didn’t do much for the rest of the day, did exercises, I can kinda blow my nose now! 

Last night of taking pain pills! They don’t seem to do much anymore


Stoked for my apt today!!! The bandages are almost falling off at this point anyway. Sticky and gross... I couldn’t sleep very well again, boo! Trying to take a nap today, not sleeping with a sling anymore, but trying to wear it anytime I’m moving around, wrist tendons still super painful, not sure what to do other then try not to use them?  

Going to the coast tonight for the rest of the week so I’m really going to take it easy and rest up with the hopes of resuming a normal work week when I get back home. Just being able to use the computer and exercise a little bit are the goals! Gotta stay strong mentally! I got this!

Also, start thinking of activities I can do or learn without a lot of shoulder mobility needed... Slackline? Wall sits, balance board, hiking, camping, fishing? Yoga, meditation, journaling, photography, reconnect with friends! Research trips! 

Honestly I might be able to fly fish with Bryan sooner than later!

Biggest Challenges so far in the 1st week

-tendonitis pain in wrist





-computer (business)

-lack of sleep

Post doc report-

Doc apt went well, I was doing my pendulums a little wrong, I can get a lot lower and drop my foot back to get a good hip drive to initiate the swing, he also said I can work on external rotation, I’m at zero and need to be at 30 degrees before PT begins... in Three Weeks!!! Fuck!

Good news tho, dressing got removed and the stitches! The cut is huge!!! You can barely see the 2 arthroscopic incisions! Oh well because I got to take a shower!! Woohoo!! Which means I can now get sweaty and actually clean myself and get my wounds wet also! Double tits!

Also my trainer tire showed up and I was actually able to mount it on my MTB rim and get the indoor trainer working! Super stoked! 1st time I’ve been on a bike in almost a month! Time to get on it!

Heading to the coast for the long 4th weekend, and leaving my pills behind... we’ll see how this goes, just going to take it easy and walk a lot! And do hella lunges! 

DAY 10

Worst night sleep yet! But we drove 5 hours, had coffee and it was the 1st night with no pain meds and bandages off and in a new bed, the pendulums are feeling a little better and once I move around I’m ok, it’s just been super hard to get comfortable! Going to try and do 15 min of elliptical today

Did 20 minutes on elliptical and actually broke a legit sweat!! Felt amazing to be able to do that and actually shower off, and Doing the pendulum exercise after felt even better because I was warmed up! I see now that getting through that 1st phase was the worst and now I’ll be able to slowly make improvements each week. Big moral booster! I’m trying to reflect on all the things I can still do, I already would go almost 3 months between surf in Vegas! It’s going to be fine, plus I can focus on the business and turning it into a better lifestyle post recovery! I need to live at 80%, being injured isn’t worth it! A better bike and going 80% give me the comfort and margin for error. It’s a good lesson to be able to be down and have the mental strength to recover and be better because of it!

Time to focus on family and friends! 

Day 11

Slept in til 9:30! But was up til midnight... regardless a little improvement in sleep! Went for a long barefoot beach walk which felt great! Problem with shoulder exercises is that the whole shoulder lifts up, im overcompensating by shrugging my shoulder when I don’t have the mobility. Trying to focus on keeping shoulder down and back in good posture... but it hurts!

Made it through the day, did a big beach walk and another elliptical session! Rest of the bandages came off on the big cut in the shower

Day 12

Slept a little better last night, I’m noticing that I’m using my arm a little more now, my shoulder still lifts up a lot during most movements so I’m working on keeping in down and back. I think as the pain gets less the function will keep coming back! 

Wrist still hurts but found out another friend had the same thing happen to him. So at least it’s common...

Did elliptical and 50 squats today! Felt awesome! Wish I could stretch my back more, just feels tight overall... 

Was able to very slowly chop and use a chefs knife tonight! Working on keeping shoulder down instead of shrugging

Day 13

Slept decent again! Only got up once I think... wrist pain still there

Still focusing on doing the pendulum. Going to hop on the elliptical again. 

Relaxing day, last full day at the coast, lucked out this week with no wind and no waves to tempt me! Getting ready to get back home and get on the maps! Finally should be able to get back on the computer this week and start designing the 1st run of 10-12 maps! 

I won’t be able to work a full sheet on the table saw for a bit tho… I’ll try to figure out how to get some help.

Good exercise day again, elliptical and squats, kept up with shoulder rehab, ready to step it up this coming week

Epic bonfire night to cap off week 2

day 14

Slept ok but it’s my wrist that’s keeping me awake now not my shoulder... not sure what to do, going to try ice again tonight. Almost able to sleep on my side without too much pain, bad side up only. 

Started reading happy body, thinking about starting the routine as best I can during the recovery! Also ditching all steady cardio, on the bike focus on interval sprint work instead! No 60 min grinding sessions... sprint workout vs marathon! 

Actually drove back from coast! Only wearing sling when I’m in public, 

Tried to sleep On my side tonight just used a bunch of pillows to prop my arm up shoulder felt OK but my wrist is now more painful than my shoulder when I’m sleeping, not sure what to do about it I’m gonna try ice and heat but if it’s tendinitis then I think rest is the only thing I can do, problem is that it’s my right hand so that limits everything else I can do, especially using the computer mouse.