Shoulder Surgery Recover - Month 1 Recap



Day 22

Slept probably the best yet, not sure if it was due to fasting but most likely, didn’t have to get up to go pee once, wrist is still the same pain level after using it yesterday so I’m optimistic about that, 36 hours into the fast, 1/2 way there! But will still have to make it today and tomorrow... only doing water, come on body!! 

Kinda on the struggle bus this afternoon, woke up feeling great but hit a wall after my Ortho appointment. It’s ok, I know its all part of fasting WHILE injured! Double dipping in the pain boat, not sure why I do these crazy things but such is life, you can’t appreciate the easy times unless you suffer through the hard parts…

Spent all morning on the computer, experiencing a few weird sharp nerve pains in the wrist this afternoon… we’ll see what It develops into? Can’t worry about it, gotta press forward….

Made it through the day being in a fasted state! Definitely ready to eat tomorrow, its been nice to know my ketones are going up! 1.0 last night around dinner time.

Wrist pain is not getting any worse yet… Forced myself to do a 20 min bike and another dog walk.

Day 23

Finally had a night where I rolled on my shoulder weird and awoke to shooting pain. It went away quickly and was able to sleep again but knew that would happen sooner or later.

Ketone levels 1.8 this morning! I would love to be at 2+ by tonight before I break the fast at dinner… Trying to decide what I want to eat..

I realized that during external rotation my shoulder and clavicle go way back to compensate. I know PT will hurt but am ready to get started hopefully next week!

At the DIY cave today so not much to do but rest. I’m not starving but deff am looking forward to dinner! 

Time for a little more personal dialog. I’m struggling at the moment, obviously it has to do a lot with not eating for the last 65 hours… but that’s all about to change tonight! I really want to get back to cooking and realize thats been a big issue with getting injured. I’ve lost so much of my daily life routine that of course I’m having trouble figuring out why I’m somewhat down… 

So getting back to cooking, starting PT, planning some fun hiking adventures. Erica can do most of the stuff for camp, my arm is getting better slowly so I just need to focus on that. I’ll get braces off next month! That will be a massive booster for confidence! Then once I can start weight training again its going to be almost like being back to normal! 

Maps, building a map from start to finish is what I need to focus on. I have 4 new ones to make already! I want to start with Smith rock because I think it will be cool to see! I can do everything except the back sheet to start! I can also order some pre cut ones from occoco instead of buying the sheets if I want to use maple. I just have to be careful about them warping in the heat… Where can I keep them that’s cool enough? 

I also want to experiment with taping down the top layer when lasering to see if it’s effective at keeping the wood from warping during the cuts… I need to be careful sanding those tiny pieces…

Ketones were 2.6 before I broke the fast tonight, legit fast! But ate too much and felt a little bad for the rest of the night


Had coffee instead of breakfast this morning which totally got me jacked after no caffeine for the last 3 days! Worked all day on the comp and laser

Learned a lot,

Note: test highlighting the whole fusion SVG and extrude it to .05 to test if all parts. Extrude before I start

Mckenzie river is super complex, how to improve the process?

How would a touch screen and stylus work or iPad Pro and stylus? I see being able to quickly draw over the topo lines to smooth them out or create new ones?

Super fun Suttle lake dinner tonight with the Strubes...

Can’t sleep!! I had a second nitro coffee at 4-5 o clock after not having any all week and then drank wine all night, slept from about 10:30-2:30 and then boom, wide awake!! Stupid Trev... stupid 

Revisit point thinning in QGIS and see if that translates to better contours in illustrator?

Sat and read until the sun came up and went in the hot tub at 5:20, it’s 42 degrees out in July, cold morning, felt good to relax,

Rest of week:

Did a lot of pool time and relaxing this weekend. Did a butte hike for the 1st time with lunges and felt great. Shoulder are wrist pain are now sort of a roller coaster of high and lows depending on the day...  Talked to a guy that had it a lot worse then my and said his shoulder is now better then the other one! Good to hear! 


You are doing nothing… on pain meds, not sleeping


Still doing nothing but you can do pendulums and start to shower if dressing comes off so huge improvement there in not smelling like a foot


Slowly returning to computer work and basic things like helping out around the house. Much less pain sleeping and just hanging out.


More of the same this week. My external rotation is slowly improving to 0-15 degrees’ I’d say. Pendulums are the same, you can really only get so far with those before you need someone pushing on it. Pain in shoulder is minimum if I stay within the limits. I really want to start lifting more things. I’ve been on the computer all week. Still have some nerve thing in my wrist… doesn’t seem to be getting worse anymore tho… 

Get a waterpick for flossing asap or you’re screwed! I already had one for my braces so I was set. 

Very ready to start PT and know that I’m healed enough to start making real improvements.

Life is pretty normal now other then not doing big things with my arm, I’ve got a good routine, not wearing sling at all anymore, I can walk and even lightly hike around as long as I guard my arm. Been doing light exercises with the other limbs as best as I can without causing too much pain. Almost got down to the 160’s which is a solid 10lbs lower then pre crash weight 6 weeks ago…