Shoulder Surgery Recovery - Week 1

Surgery day 1

Nerve block was amazing, barley felt anything, went to room, got gas and woke up a few hours later feeling surprisingly good! Got home, arm is totally dead, hooked up ice machine and fell asleep, had pizza at 1, going to get drugs, doc said pendulum exercises will be my jam for the next 4 weeks

Hung out on the couch watched a few movies took a few naps

You have no control over your arm but in your brain you still think that you have an alarm so you can visualize making a fist releases this nothing actually happens in real life it’s very very strange and really desire you get almost trick yourself into thinking that you can move your arm but you really can’t

Swapped out ice

Started around of antibiotics at 4:45 with my second meal

Feeling an ever so slight tingle in my arm right around 6 o’clock

Lugging around this ice machine makes me feel like Tony Stark Iron Man and his car battery

Fingers are starting to twitch under my Own controlled around 630

Had chicken and broccoli dinner and popped the 1st pain pill at 7:30

Watching movies with peach

8:30 my fingers had tingles and can twitch them a lot, trying to figure out keeping the meds going at night without getting sick, I really don’t want to get sick on them...

Ice machine still pumpin all day

Throat a little sore

Day #2

Oh boy, the pain has arrived!! Woke up at 2am to take a pain pill slept maybe 1 hour total In the bean, shoulder is crazy painful tho, I can settle into a position to where it’s only a dull pain but any movement causes it to increase rapidly! Started a fresh round of ice machine and popped another pill at 7 so we’ll see how it feels by 8ish, plan today: do nothing!

Shoulder hurts pretty bad when doing anything, took another pill at 11, tried to take my arm out of the sling and let it lay to the side, wasn’t super painful but talked to the office and I’m supposed to start the pendulum ASAP! As long as it’s not super painful, I’ll try when Erica gets home tonight

Shoulder is still a little too sore to do any real pendulum’s going to try again later tonight of just letting it hang by my side and slightly bent forward

Took another round of antibiotics with lunch at 1 o’clock

Rest of the day went the same took another painkiller, had dinner, did more nothing... 

Slept on the couch night 2, slightly more comfortable position, took off sling and let arm lay by side, problem was the 5 times I had to get up to pee! Really hurts to move around without sling and it’s too complicated to put on by myself, other issue is that I haven’t pooped yet and my stomach is feeling a little bloated... I started taking a stool softener at dinner and then another round at 4 this morning, I was warned about constipation so I hope this does the trick! 

Day 3

Goals for today are to take a poop and try the pendulum exercises again at some point, also to get sling on and off by myself, oh and I’ve been shirtless this whole time so maybe putting a shirt on!

Tonight the goal is to take a warm bath and not get my dressing wet, I think I’ll feel much better being clean!

Got a perfect poop out this morning!! Stoked! Feel much better,

anesthesiologist called and said to take pain meds to be able to do the pendulum exercises... I’ll take one at lunch and try

10:00am on day 3 (Wednesday) was able to do the 1st semi pendulum exercise, just popped a pill but I don’t think it kicked in yet, I was able to bend pretty far forward on the counter and just hip thrust there for a bit, there was a little pain for sure but I just tried to keep it to under 5 range... 

Goal is to do that every 2hours, starting the clock now! 

Still trying to do the exercises and take it easy today, still going on only one pain pill

Took a bath after dinner last night! Wife got in the tub and helped me keep the dressing dry! Felt much better after being clean!


Another poor sleep night! I did take a pain pill and had a whole night of dull annoying pain mixed in with sharp pains when I would try to readjust... 

Lack of sleep is starting to get to me! Hope I can get a good nap in today, 

Popped 2 pain pills with breakfast, hoping it will help me nap! I know I have to be patient with the recovery

Started another round if ice therapy

This is the least active I’ve been my whole life, I just have to commit to recovering this week until I see the doc, then I can start adding in yoga and walking

I gotta get to the point where I can use the comp and mouse!

Just started being able to use my bicep to lift my arm slightly

After the double pain meds I was much better at the pendulum exercise and could bend my arm using my bicep! Big improvement over yesterday so I’m pumped! Not to self: shave your chest and  armpit before you have surgery! It’s hard to tell if the pain is real or just from hair being pulled when I move...

Tried to sit down in computer position and was almost able to get in good mouse position! I’m confident I’ll get there by next week!

Fell asleep for 4 HOURS today! Finally had that lack of sleep catch up with me! Been feeling good and doing my exercise. The wrist tendons still hurt tho so I need to take it easy with wrist movements until they heal up.

Team Baxter brought dinner over night and hung out! I can already tell using my left hand is getting easier and my shoulder movement feels better! And it’s only day 4!!!

Hopefully I can sleep better tonight but maybe not because of the big nap?

Day 5

Best nights sleep yet! But as soon as the pain meds wear off it’s still uncomfortable to sleep, I’m going to try and go all day without meds and only use them for sleep aid tonight.

Had my 2nd poop this morning! 

Actually got out of the house today and went for a car ride to drop off the dodge! Felt amazing to be outside! 

Started with my exercises this morning without pain meds and was still able to do them, really going to try and do them every 2 hours today

3rd poop of the day! Obviously making up for lost time! 

Trying to work on the computer a little bit, still worried about my forearm tendons...

Walked around a bit more today, I can bend down and touch my toes now so getting a lot of flexion in!

Bought a fluid trainer for the mountain bike today, once I get back from the coast I’ll get it set up and start easing back into exercise! I’ll put together a whole come back your plan!

Still sleeping on couch somewhat inclined,

Only took pain meds tonight to help with sleep and because they are awesome... I’ll probably continue that until I see the doc on Tuesday. Exercises are much easier to do when I take them...

I’m trying to wrap my wrist to prevent excess movement to see if that helps my tendons feel any better... going to sleep with it tonight.

Day 6

Each night once the pain meds wear off my shoulder / forearm start aching enough to make it hard to sleep. No matter the position a dull to semi dull pain radiates through my shoulder. I thought I would be able to use the computer better but using the mouse is still too difficult. I can place my arm onto the keyboard to type but even that is not comfortable. It’s mostly the external rotation of sitting with your arm at 90 degrees and trying to rotate it away from your body. If the mouse is directly in front of me its a little better. I know it will get easier I just wasn’t planning on being unable to do the computer work I need to do for this long! 

Went on a nice drive to oakridge today actually took a nap in the car when literally NEVER happens! Had some friends come visit so went to dinner with them and then popped some pain pills before bed.

Moved back to the real bed tonight and off the couch! 1st part of the night was great but same thing keeps happening where pain meds wear off and the dull uncomfortable pain sets in and won’t go away... I tried to prop myself up but no luck, I’ll try to figure out something for tomorrow night...

Day 7:

I can actually put a shirt on by myself now, but the dressing is getting sticky from all the adhesive so it catches on shit a makes it difficult. Just need to make it to Tuesday and hopefully I’ll get it fixed up. Not being able to shower makes working out and getting sweaty a no go, I’m stoked to get to the point where I can at least hike and workout my legs! Soon...

Welp, back to my new hot dance move! The pendulum! 

Took the dog for a walk today, wen’t downtown and actually drove back.

Sleeping in bed again tonight with more pillows to prop myself up a little higher. Use the ice machine again.

Forearm tendonitis is still super painful, tried to ice it but did not do much.

Took another bath this evening and it felt great! Bandage is starting to self destruct so I hope it comes off on Tuesday!