Shoulder Surgery - Week 7

The bone has healed! Or at least I hope so... The SLAP tear on the other hand will still take some time but that's ok. 

Making big leaps in the overhead mobility this week. I also got my external rotation to 30 degrees. You need to have a week or so in between tests to really see the improvements. But they are happening! Day to day tasks are getting much easier and I even feel like I can jog short distances without any pain! I'm working on the behind the back and interior rotation now and getting better range in almost all angles... my goal is to be at full ROM by 12 weeks so I'm over 1/2 way there. Judging by how much progress has be made in just 2 weeks of PT I'm feeling very confident! I've turned a corner mentally which is largely due to the fact that day to day tasks are easy again. I just can't lift heavy things but cooking, putting in contacts, driving, all these are no prob! 

The shoulder is nice and stiff each morning but by the afternoon it gets loosened up. Heat packs help before mobility. 

I got 3 days of PT in this week and got to almost 33 degrees of external rotation and 148 degrees of overhead extension! If I lay flat of the ground my hand is about 8 inches away from touching over my head. Getting closer... I had one minor setback however. A bee was buzzing right next to my ear which made me jump and tweak my shoulder in the process. It hurt really bad at the moment but didn't seem to have much hangover to the next day. Feels pretty good now... My next doctor check up is in a week, 2 month post, so hopefully will get cleared for some more active PT and possibly jogging! Finger's crossed... 

Making huge progress on the maps this week! Learned a bunch of was to boost efficiency. I'm almost done with ten frames, I have all the maps done and will be assembling everything this week for my first art show and taking pictures to finalize and launch the website! Getting exciting! I've already maxed out the glow forge laser but if I can prove the concept then I'll be ordering an industrial laser asap! This would give me a 35 x 55 inch build area to take production to the next level! 

Trevor Crosta
Shoulder Surgery - Week 6

Well the bone should be almost done healing at this point which is amazing that our bodies are capable of such things!

I requested a copy of the surgery notes which I will post an excerpt from. To summarize I DID have a Level 4 SLAP tear which involves the bicep tendon. Apparently he fixed this up during the procedure and we're all good... But it could have been much worse! It wasn't bad enough to need the full bicep tendonosis where they reattach the bicep tendon onto the humerus... 

I've been doing my PT exercises and met with a really cool new guy Scott that show'd me some new moves. He also said that I was super lucky to not get the Bankart lesion because I don't have any ROM limitations. Apparently you are only allowed to go so far so fast with other tears because they don't want you blowing it out, but I received no such restrictions. Not that I'm going to push it too hard. And 4 weeks of passive PT is a restriction... 

He went through a banker lesion 10+ years ago and had pretty much full ROM. He said the only thing on his was that his external rotation never came back to 100% and he can't throw a ball as far but can get a better spiral now so go figure... He seemed super optimistic about my recovery tho and though I'd be back sooner then 6 months! He also said that if I were to put my good shoulder in a sling for 6 weeks it would be just as stiff and atrophied as my bad one. This was to point out that most of the pain or stiffness is from being inactive, not from it being "injured." Working on those stretches is all you can do now to get it back.

Mobility is slowly improving this week but the big win so far was being able to help my arm up to the shower head to be able to wash my arm pit with the actual stream of water... I've had to splash water under there for the last 8 weeks because I just couldn't get the angle right... As others have said, if you can get a detachable shower head it would be a big help!

I can now sit comfortably on the bike trainer with my hands on the bars in a normal riding position, I'm being careful not to put much pressure on that arm. It's easy to get caught up in how far I have to go but looking at how far I've come in the last few weeks is amazing! Focus on the little improvements and know that everyone else whose been injured has gone through this. 

Starting hiking a little more and focusing on swinging my arm as I walk. Feels fine, no pain. Uphill running might be the 1st think I can add back in next month. It's much lower impact then flat or down. Just thinking of things I can upgrade about the exercise routine soon... 

I can put both hands on the steering wheel now. I'm not actively using my bad arm much but it can still hang out there for highway driving. The PT guy said to just move it as much as I can so that's what I'm doing... 

Big week with the laser and I'm trying to knock out those 1st 10 maps to get the rest of the site up and going. Learning stuff each time I make one! 

I really felt like I turned a corner with mobility this week! It's amazing how quickly PT starts helping. It's having someone show you that yes this is uncomfortable but if you keep it up you get better. I already gained a solid 20 degrees of overhead ROM. External is still a bitch but they said that so whatever. I started doing behind the back butt wipe stretch as well as using walls a lot more throughout the day. I can help my hand crawl up the wall and then try to let it down slowly under it's own power. The bicep tendon tear is a a little sore and I can really feel it on bend arm motions where I go from a bend elbow and try to extend overhead vs just a straight arm raise. 

But just the feeling this weekend even compared to last weekend was substantial. I was able to sit very comfortably on the bike, cooking is easier, driving i can work the shifter and dials with the right hand better, computer is no problem and walking is great! I can sleep on my left side now and even roll a little onto the right shoulder to turn off the light without too much pain.

I designed and cut multiple new trails, Mckenzie River Trail looks outstanding! I just designed the Bright Angel trail at the Grand Canyon that looks very promising! I love trails I know well because as I make them I'm instantly reminded of certain parts and get excited to go back or explore new ones! 

Trevor Crosta
Shoulder Surgery - 5 weeks out

Started the week off with my one month post surgery exam with the doc. He said everything looks great, and I’m cleared for PT!! I was able to call around and found that there is an office right across from where my wife works and got and apt the next day. 

Little weird at 1st but got right into it. The PT dude did a quick assessment and then got into testing my ROM with a few different moves. I’m at almost 120 degrees of straight line lift and about zero on external + or - a few…. He worked on me for a bit doing some heat to start then stretches and show’d me my prescription for 3 at home exercises. I’m using a golf club to help with external rotation and also lying on my back and trying to lift my arm overhead. Doing these 3-4 times a day for 10, 10 sec reps each. 

I started PT on Wednesday and in only 5 days I have a noticeable improvement in my arm ROM and decrease in pain for normal daily tings. Very excited to keep it up. I'm working up to PT 3XWeek on top of the at home exercises.

Talking to the doctor it sounds like it managed to NOT tear any of the tendons ligaments around the area. When the bone part of the glenoid cracked off the labrum was still attached to it and just moved with it instead of tearing. Not to get too optimistic but it sounds like recovery might be a lot easier long term then having to rehab a rotator cuff back to 100%. 

He said I'm looking at the next 4 weeks of passive PT movements and then we are having another checkup. If at the 8 week mark we are still looking good I'll be cleared for active pt which I assume means using my own muscles to move the arm instead of just using helpers or accessories.

My wrist is feeling better but still numb and weirdly painful at times. The doc wasn’t too concerned with this and said a lot of this will simply go away with time so I’m just keeping an eye on it.

It’s been a good week with the maps! Cut the most complex trail to date and figured out some new woods to test and use. 

Went swimming at our friends house on the river all weekend for my wife B-day and swimming with 3 limbs was actually more doable then I thought! Breast stroke is where it’s at. Also played corn hole left handed and won! 

It’s amazing when you take away your main sports how you are forced to adapt. Im realizing more and more that life is still super fun and to appreciate the small things. Yes I can’t wait to get back surfing or biking but its ok to have this downtime. Most people never even get the other side of the coin so to have to live a “normal” life is a good change of pace. 

We were driving along the Umpqua river to get to there house and noticed a trail running along the banks. It’s called the North Umpqua Trail. Brian said you can mountain bike it and its super long but lots of poison oak and ticks at the moment so that’s no fun.. 

Diet totally fell off the planet this weekend slash week… Tons of a booze, sugar, pizza and weed! Man… really time to get back on it! Friday I completed a whole lap of lunges around the top of the butte so that was a mini goal accomplished! Tits!

Got my weigh back up to the high 170’s after the fast. Feeling better about not shrinking away but need to get back on the workout wagon or I’m going to lose even more muscle… Step ups and lunges are where it’s at.

Trevor Crosta
Shoulder Surgery Recover - Month 1 Recap



Day 22

Slept probably the best yet, not sure if it was due to fasting but most likely, didn’t have to get up to go pee once, wrist is still the same pain level after using it yesterday so I’m optimistic about that, 36 hours into the fast, 1/2 way there! But will still have to make it today and tomorrow... only doing water, come on body!! 

Kinda on the struggle bus this afternoon, woke up feeling great but hit a wall after my Ortho appointment. It’s ok, I know its all part of fasting WHILE injured! Double dipping in the pain boat, not sure why I do these crazy things but such is life, you can’t appreciate the easy times unless you suffer through the hard parts…

Spent all morning on the computer, experiencing a few weird sharp nerve pains in the wrist this afternoon… we’ll see what It develops into? Can’t worry about it, gotta press forward….

Made it through the day being in a fasted state! Definitely ready to eat tomorrow, its been nice to know my ketones are going up! 1.0 last night around dinner time.

Wrist pain is not getting any worse yet… Forced myself to do a 20 min bike and another dog walk.

Day 23

Finally had a night where I rolled on my shoulder weird and awoke to shooting pain. It went away quickly and was able to sleep again but knew that would happen sooner or later.

Ketone levels 1.8 this morning! I would love to be at 2+ by tonight before I break the fast at dinner… Trying to decide what I want to eat..

I realized that during external rotation my shoulder and clavicle go way back to compensate. I know PT will hurt but am ready to get started hopefully next week!

At the DIY cave today so not much to do but rest. I’m not starving but deff am looking forward to dinner! 

Time for a little more personal dialog. I’m struggling at the moment, obviously it has to do a lot with not eating for the last 65 hours… but that’s all about to change tonight! I really want to get back to cooking and realize thats been a big issue with getting injured. I’ve lost so much of my daily life routine that of course I’m having trouble figuring out why I’m somewhat down… 

So getting back to cooking, starting PT, planning some fun hiking adventures. Erica can do most of the stuff for camp, my arm is getting better slowly so I just need to focus on that. I’ll get braces off next month! That will be a massive booster for confidence! Then once I can start weight training again its going to be almost like being back to normal! 

Maps, building a map from start to finish is what I need to focus on. I have 4 new ones to make already! I want to start with Smith rock because I think it will be cool to see! I can do everything except the back sheet to start! I can also order some pre cut ones from occoco instead of buying the sheets if I want to use maple. I just have to be careful about them warping in the heat… Where can I keep them that’s cool enough? 

I also want to experiment with taping down the top layer when lasering to see if it’s effective at keeping the wood from warping during the cuts… I need to be careful sanding those tiny pieces…

Ketones were 2.6 before I broke the fast tonight, legit fast! But ate too much and felt a little bad for the rest of the night


Had coffee instead of breakfast this morning which totally got me jacked after no caffeine for the last 3 days! Worked all day on the comp and laser

Learned a lot,

Note: test highlighting the whole fusion SVG and extrude it to .05 to test if all parts. Extrude before I start

Mckenzie river is super complex, how to improve the process?

How would a touch screen and stylus work or iPad Pro and stylus? I see being able to quickly draw over the topo lines to smooth them out or create new ones?

Super fun Suttle lake dinner tonight with the Strubes...

Can’t sleep!! I had a second nitro coffee at 4-5 o clock after not having any all week and then drank wine all night, slept from about 10:30-2:30 and then boom, wide awake!! Stupid Trev... stupid 

Revisit point thinning in QGIS and see if that translates to better contours in illustrator?

Sat and read until the sun came up and went in the hot tub at 5:20, it’s 42 degrees out in July, cold morning, felt good to relax,

Rest of week:

Did a lot of pool time and relaxing this weekend. Did a butte hike for the 1st time with lunges and felt great. Shoulder are wrist pain are now sort of a roller coaster of high and lows depending on the day...  Talked to a guy that had it a lot worse then my and said his shoulder is now better then the other one! Good to hear! 


You are doing nothing… on pain meds, not sleeping


Still doing nothing but you can do pendulums and start to shower if dressing comes off so huge improvement there in not smelling like a foot


Slowly returning to computer work and basic things like helping out around the house. Much less pain sleeping and just hanging out.


More of the same this week. My external rotation is slowly improving to 0-15 degrees’ I’d say. Pendulums are the same, you can really only get so far with those before you need someone pushing on it. Pain in shoulder is minimum if I stay within the limits. I really want to start lifting more things. I’ve been on the computer all week. Still have some nerve thing in my wrist… doesn’t seem to be getting worse anymore tho… 

Get a waterpick for flossing asap or you’re screwed! I already had one for my braces so I was set. 

Very ready to start PT and know that I’m healed enough to start making real improvements.

Life is pretty normal now other then not doing big things with my arm, I’ve got a good routine, not wearing sling at all anymore, I can walk and even lightly hike around as long as I guard my arm. Been doing light exercises with the other limbs as best as I can without causing too much pain. Almost got down to the 160’s which is a solid 10lbs lower then pre crash weight 6 weeks ago…

Shoulder Surgery Recovery - Week 3

Day 15:  week 2

Slept OK last night, it’s already been a month since I originally hurt myself and my right arm has atrophied a crazy amount, I didn’t think I would be able to notice it this quickly but it’s definitely smaller than my left arm, I know that it was about 16 inches before the injury Sotile be interested to see once I can flex it again how big it is and how quickly I can get back to that original size,

I just did 20 minutes on the bike and it actually felt good I got a good sweat going, I open the garage door put on Some music. I also did lunges and single leg squats, Do you have a work out again is a huge game changer for your mental strength, I know that I can keep my legs in shape so that getting back on the bike will happen very quickly once my arm is healed, 

Sleeping on my side last night was OK I could get my shoulder comfortable but my wrist kept me up most of the night I slept into big chunks woke up to go P but the rest is the big problem right now so I’m not sure what to do other than not use it but it’s definitely not getting any better and it’s been almost 3 weeks now,

Still doing the pendulum exercises for my arm I’m getting a little better at it but it still painful it’s not like it’s a comfortable exercise I am bending down as far as I can and swing in my arm I’m also trying to work on external rotation but that I’m still at about 0° so I’m really focused on getting there at to 30° before I start physical therapy in two weeks.

I really got to focus on diet and flexibility during this downtime I know I can come out on the other side more flexible in better shape than I was before the injury.

Today is the start of week three and I’m finally heading back into the office to try and work on the maps will see how computer goes in a minute try not to aggravate my wrist to much.

Ended up doing three or four hours on the computer it was a little awkward and caused my shoulder pain a few times but all in all it was OK

The problem is my wrist It’s just not getting better and it actually felt like it was getting worse yesterday I’m not sure if that was the computer work or what but I talk to my buddy last night and he said the only thing to do is to put it in a full splint for a few days and rest it it’s just not getting better and it actually felt like it was getting worse yesterday I’m not sure if that was the computer work or what but I talk to my buddy last night and he said the only thing to do is to put in a full splint for a few days and rest it  

So now I’m faced with being out of work for a couple more days when my wrist heals I want to be able to use my fingers to type or anything like that so I ordered a wrist splint off Amazon and I’m waiting for it to show up. 

Despite all of this problems I’m still trying to remain positive and focus on what’s important I got to get these maps selling and I have to do left-handed work I guess

Day 16

Slept a little better last night I wrap my wrist in just a lifting brace and attempted to sleep on my side a little bit more best night of sleep yet and least amount of pain so far, the wrist splint seem to help even a little bit to keep the dull pain away.

Stepped on the scale this morning was 175.0, which is an all time low in the last maybe 10 years… It’s really gonna be fun to document how quick I can gain my muscle back, but if I keep it up on the bike my legs will be stronger than they were before

It’s going to be mid 90s today and too hot this afternoon to work in my space so I’m gonna head in early and try and do some laser cutting I’m starting to design the map layout files and I know I’ll learn a huge amount doing these next 10 to get the site up and running

Downloaded dictation on computer so we'll see if that helps with typing

Back on the laser today! Wearing wrist brace seems to help… not wearing sling today, we’ll see how it goes…

Well today was a mistake... I used my arm and wrist all day out of spite for my lost time and paid the price... worst sleep ever due to horrible aching wrist tendon pain...

Day 17

I’m not even worried about my shoulder anymore, it’s healing, but I have to figure out the wrist before it gets worse!

Advice to anyone, if you feel and tendon pain STOP USING YOUR ARM AND REST!!! I wasn’t so lucky....

I’ve got on a double wrap and the legit wrist brace shows up today... I would be totally fine on the comp and doing light tasks if my wrist was better. I’m going full rest mode for 5 days and will resume use on Monday... which will be the start of week 4...

I’m just hopeful that with a full day of no use I’ll be able to sleep tonight.

Went on a dog walk and did bike for 15 min and a light leg, arm, ab workout followed by 10min meditation, feeling better mentally and ready to rest today! 

Sat at the DIY cave for work all day and worked on some stretches research and stuff and did everything I could to not use my hand at all today the super brace showed up this afternoon I put that thing on so it’s been the first full day without using my hand I have been working on external rotation and it seems to be helping I’m now at 0% maybe 2% 5% like that or degrees I mean so we’re gonna try and sleep tonight and see if I have any less wrist pain sleeping in this crazy brace for the night

Day 17

Better sleep kinda... way less wrist pain tho so now I have to keep wearing the brace for sure!!! I hope each day improves slightly!

I can still feel a slight pain in my wrist from time to time but for the most part it seems to be better than it was yesterday so that’s what I’m gonna keep going off of making sure that each day is better than the last

Well I definitely got a little depressed today I went down the rabbit hole of looking through the forums of people with shoulder surgery and read stories about the recoveries and a lot of them were pretty bleak and understandably if you have a really successful shoulder surgery you're probably not to record or write anything

But I'm trying to be positive again so what I'm telling myself is that I'm not like most people I'm extremely active I'm only 32 it was a very successful procedure by very good doctor so they should be nothing stopping me from fully recovered

That being said I'm only 2 1/2 weeks out of surgery and I'm already riding a bike yet I can't use my hand moment but that's not anything to do with my shoulder and that ultimately won't stop me from doing sports so the shoulder again is the main concern

I just have to tell myself that I will recover I will go back to doing sports I love I need to really think about what is important in life and it's getting injured is worth it meaning staying out of the jump park not doing anything to extreme I need to check myself and realize that yes you can get hurt you're not invincible and getting injured is the worst so I need to avoid that at all costs I'm just can relax by the pool for the rest of the week…

But what I want to research right now are sports and activities that you can do with hurt shoulder let's look at this with a glass half-full and see what can a life I can still live.

I read a whole bunch of stories about people that six weeks out of surgery for barely using their arm not doing cardio work cited that they could even take the sling off I'm not really wearing my slang at home anymore and I understand that wearing it can keep the potential risk low but with my hand it seems to be hindering in the healing process so I'm trying where it only in very social situations Live life to 80% I'm just going to try and chill and do less being injured is making me realize I need to manage risk…

Day 18

Another night of no pain in my wrist because I wore the brace all night, but I can still feel a little twinge in my tendons when I straighten my arm and I’m just kinda hanging out I can tell that it’s not hundred percent yet so I’m in a really really try and not use my hand very much keep it rested until Monday

Shoulder feels great though I’ve been doing my exercises and the pain is almost unnoticeable unless I move It’s weird trying to get past its range of motion

I’m a little concerned with over using my left hand now so I’m in a really just try and relax today not do a whole bunch and I’ll get through this

174 this morning so I’m gonna try and eat more

Went to Black Butte today and got to be in the pool which felt amazing and then a PT expert dude came over last night and told me to not use the sling and flex my wrist a little bit more so we’re gonna try that

Day 19

Wore the brace again to sleep last night my hand felt pretty good this morning when I was stretching and I could feel it kind a light up again but I’m gonna try and just not use it very much and see what happens, shoulder is feeling good so I got that going for me

Good workout today! Waked 2.6 miles and did weights! Then did pool time! Just trying to baby my wrist, shoulder feels great! Sleeping is much better but wrist is still painful...

Day 20

Can almost lay on side now, still not flat on hard floor tho

Going to try fasting to heal my wrist!

We watched a fasting documentary and it was the extra boost I needed to switch into fast mode… Ive been researching how good fasting is at healing the body and really want to see if I can turbo charge the recovery time by doing a fast. My shoulder feeling pretty amazing other then the limited range of motion. My wrist is still hurting but at this point I’m not sure what else to do. I’ve worn the brace and go the horrible pain at night to be a little better but Monday will be another test day.

Day 21

Slept without the brace last night. Wrist still feels about the same. Today starts the fast mode to see if I can make a change through diet. I need to be back on the comp designing today so I’m just going to take it easy and see how much I can get away with. It’s been 3 weeks now post surgery which means only one week to go before I can start doing PT hopefully! I really need to work on the exterior rotation which is actually improving, I’m at zero degrees or greater under my own power. Getting into computer position is much easier now so if it weren’t for the wrist id be all set! But, such is life… I’m going to try and use the mouse left handed for a bit…. Shoulder exercises are getting a little easier, I’ve been doing pendulum, and then clock wise and counter rotation swings as often as I can think of doing them.

No choice but to suck it up now… Gotta move on with my live and deal with the pain…

Still in the 90s here super hot hard to do anything in the afternoon I need to wake up even earlier and get stuff in the morning

Fasting for a bit to see if the pain changes...

Shoulder exercises are getting ever so slightly easier

Got a new memory foam topper to try out!






Shoulder Surgery Recovery - Week 2

Day 8

Best sleep yet last night. Almost went a full 6 hours I’d say. Propping myself up was key to waking up without my arm throbbing! Pain meds last night didn’t seem to have the same effect as they have? I need to stop taking them anyway so that’s a good thing.  Started the weekly video updates yesterday and will do another one when we get back from the coast. I’m typing on the computer this morning but it’s not the most comfortable thing. Using a mouse is only going to work if it’s right in front of the keyboard, not off to the side… I’m hoping this will be a big week and I’ll get some movement back with less pain. Doc apt is tomorrow so lets hope for the best.

Took the doggy for a nice walk in the grass! Trying to look at the positives and get back to enjoying the simple things. As soon as I can shower more easily and get this dressing off then I can start working out and getting a good sweat going! Once I get that back life will be much much better! 

Didn’t do much for the rest of the day, did exercises, I can kinda blow my nose now! 

Last night of taking pain pills! They don’t seem to do much anymore


Stoked for my apt today!!! The bandages are almost falling off at this point anyway. Sticky and gross... I couldn’t sleep very well again, boo! Trying to take a nap today, not sleeping with a sling anymore, but trying to wear it anytime I’m moving around, wrist tendons still super painful, not sure what to do other then try not to use them?  

Going to the coast tonight for the rest of the week so I’m really going to take it easy and rest up with the hopes of resuming a normal work week when I get back home. Just being able to use the computer and exercise a little bit are the goals! Gotta stay strong mentally! I got this!

Also, start thinking of activities I can do or learn without a lot of shoulder mobility needed... Slackline? Wall sits, balance board, hiking, camping, fishing? Yoga, meditation, journaling, photography, reconnect with friends! Research trips! 

Honestly I might be able to fly fish with Bryan sooner than later!

Biggest Challenges so far in the 1st week

-tendonitis pain in wrist





-computer (business)

-lack of sleep

Post doc report-

Doc apt went well, I was doing my pendulums a little wrong, I can get a lot lower and drop my foot back to get a good hip drive to initiate the swing, he also said I can work on external rotation, I’m at zero and need to be at 30 degrees before PT begins... in Three Weeks!!! Fuck!

Good news tho, dressing got removed and the stitches! The cut is huge!!! You can barely see the 2 arthroscopic incisions! Oh well because I got to take a shower!! Woohoo!! Which means I can now get sweaty and actually clean myself and get my wounds wet also! Double tits!

Also my trainer tire showed up and I was actually able to mount it on my MTB rim and get the indoor trainer working! Super stoked! 1st time I’ve been on a bike in almost a month! Time to get on it!

Heading to the coast for the long 4th weekend, and leaving my pills behind... we’ll see how this goes, just going to take it easy and walk a lot! And do hella lunges! 

DAY 10

Worst night sleep yet! But we drove 5 hours, had coffee and it was the 1st night with no pain meds and bandages off and in a new bed, the pendulums are feeling a little better and once I move around I’m ok, it’s just been super hard to get comfortable! Going to try and do 15 min of elliptical today

Did 20 minutes on elliptical and actually broke a legit sweat!! Felt amazing to be able to do that and actually shower off, and Doing the pendulum exercise after felt even better because I was warmed up! I see now that getting through that 1st phase was the worst and now I’ll be able to slowly make improvements each week. Big moral booster! I’m trying to reflect on all the things I can still do, I already would go almost 3 months between surf in Vegas! It’s going to be fine, plus I can focus on the business and turning it into a better lifestyle post recovery! I need to live at 80%, being injured isn’t worth it! A better bike and going 80% give me the comfort and margin for error. It’s a good lesson to be able to be down and have the mental strength to recover and be better because of it!

Time to focus on family and friends! 

Day 11

Slept in til 9:30! But was up til midnight... regardless a little improvement in sleep! Went for a long barefoot beach walk which felt great! Problem with shoulder exercises is that the whole shoulder lifts up, im overcompensating by shrugging my shoulder when I don’t have the mobility. Trying to focus on keeping shoulder down and back in good posture... but it hurts!

Made it through the day, did a big beach walk and another elliptical session! Rest of the bandages came off on the big cut in the shower

Day 12

Slept a little better last night, I’m noticing that I’m using my arm a little more now, my shoulder still lifts up a lot during most movements so I’m working on keeping in down and back. I think as the pain gets less the function will keep coming back! 

Wrist still hurts but found out another friend had the same thing happen to him. So at least it’s common...

Did elliptical and 50 squats today! Felt awesome! Wish I could stretch my back more, just feels tight overall... 

Was able to very slowly chop and use a chefs knife tonight! Working on keeping shoulder down instead of shrugging

Day 13

Slept decent again! Only got up once I think... wrist pain still there

Still focusing on doing the pendulum. Going to hop on the elliptical again. 

Relaxing day, last full day at the coast, lucked out this week with no wind and no waves to tempt me! Getting ready to get back home and get on the maps! Finally should be able to get back on the computer this week and start designing the 1st run of 10-12 maps! 

I won’t be able to work a full sheet on the table saw for a bit tho… I’ll try to figure out how to get some help.

Good exercise day again, elliptical and squats, kept up with shoulder rehab, ready to step it up this coming week

Epic bonfire night to cap off week 2

day 14

Slept ok but it’s my wrist that’s keeping me awake now not my shoulder... not sure what to do, going to try ice again tonight. Almost able to sleep on my side without too much pain, bad side up only. 

Started reading happy body, thinking about starting the routine as best I can during the recovery! Also ditching all steady cardio, on the bike focus on interval sprint work instead! No 60 min grinding sessions... sprint workout vs marathon! 

Actually drove back from coast! Only wearing sling when I’m in public, 

Tried to sleep On my side tonight just used a bunch of pillows to prop my arm up shoulder felt OK but my wrist is now more painful than my shoulder when I’m sleeping, not sure what to do about it I’m gonna try ice and heat but if it’s tendinitis then I think rest is the only thing I can do, problem is that it’s my right hand so that limits everything else I can do, especially using the computer mouse.

Shoulder Surgery Recovery - Week 1

Surgery day 1

Nerve block was amazing, barley felt anything, went to room, got gas and woke up a few hours later feeling surprisingly good! Got home, arm is totally dead, hooked up ice machine and fell asleep, had pizza at 1, going to get drugs, doc said pendulum exercises will be my jam for the next 4 weeks

Hung out on the couch watched a few movies took a few naps

You have no control over your arm but in your brain you still think that you have an alarm so you can visualize making a fist releases this nothing actually happens in real life it’s very very strange and really desire you get almost trick yourself into thinking that you can move your arm but you really can’t

Swapped out ice

Started around of antibiotics at 4:45 with my second meal

Feeling an ever so slight tingle in my arm right around 6 o’clock

Lugging around this ice machine makes me feel like Tony Stark Iron Man and his car battery

Fingers are starting to twitch under my Own controlled around 630

Had chicken and broccoli dinner and popped the 1st pain pill at 7:30

Watching movies with peach

8:30 my fingers had tingles and can twitch them a lot, trying to figure out keeping the meds going at night without getting sick, I really don’t want to get sick on them...

Ice machine still pumpin all day

Throat a little sore

Day #2

Oh boy, the pain has arrived!! Woke up at 2am to take a pain pill slept maybe 1 hour total In the bean, shoulder is crazy painful tho, I can settle into a position to where it’s only a dull pain but any movement causes it to increase rapidly! Started a fresh round of ice machine and popped another pill at 7 so we’ll see how it feels by 8ish, plan today: do nothing!

Shoulder hurts pretty bad when doing anything, took another pill at 11, tried to take my arm out of the sling and let it lay to the side, wasn’t super painful but talked to the office and I’m supposed to start the pendulum ASAP! As long as it’s not super painful, I’ll try when Erica gets home tonight

Shoulder is still a little too sore to do any real pendulum’s going to try again later tonight of just letting it hang by my side and slightly bent forward

Took another round of antibiotics with lunch at 1 o’clock

Rest of the day went the same took another painkiller, had dinner, did more nothing... 

Slept on the couch night 2, slightly more comfortable position, took off sling and let arm lay by side, problem was the 5 times I had to get up to pee! Really hurts to move around without sling and it’s too complicated to put on by myself, other issue is that I haven’t pooped yet and my stomach is feeling a little bloated... I started taking a stool softener at dinner and then another round at 4 this morning, I was warned about constipation so I hope this does the trick! 

Day 3

Goals for today are to take a poop and try the pendulum exercises again at some point, also to get sling on and off by myself, oh and I’ve been shirtless this whole time so maybe putting a shirt on!

Tonight the goal is to take a warm bath and not get my dressing wet, I think I’ll feel much better being clean!

Got a perfect poop out this morning!! Stoked! Feel much better,

anesthesiologist called and said to take pain meds to be able to do the pendulum exercises... I’ll take one at lunch and try

10:00am on day 3 (Wednesday) was able to do the 1st semi pendulum exercise, just popped a pill but I don’t think it kicked in yet, I was able to bend pretty far forward on the counter and just hip thrust there for a bit, there was a little pain for sure but I just tried to keep it to under 5 range... 

Goal is to do that every 2hours, starting the clock now! 

Still trying to do the exercises and take it easy today, still going on only one pain pill

Took a bath after dinner last night! Wife got in the tub and helped me keep the dressing dry! Felt much better after being clean!


Another poor sleep night! I did take a pain pill and had a whole night of dull annoying pain mixed in with sharp pains when I would try to readjust... 

Lack of sleep is starting to get to me! Hope I can get a good nap in today, 

Popped 2 pain pills with breakfast, hoping it will help me nap! I know I have to be patient with the recovery

Started another round if ice therapy

This is the least active I’ve been my whole life, I just have to commit to recovering this week until I see the doc, then I can start adding in yoga and walking

I gotta get to the point where I can use the comp and mouse!

Just started being able to use my bicep to lift my arm slightly

After the double pain meds I was much better at the pendulum exercise and could bend my arm using my bicep! Big improvement over yesterday so I’m pumped! Not to self: shave your chest and  armpit before you have surgery! It’s hard to tell if the pain is real or just from hair being pulled when I move...

Tried to sit down in computer position and was almost able to get in good mouse position! I’m confident I’ll get there by next week!

Fell asleep for 4 HOURS today! Finally had that lack of sleep catch up with me! Been feeling good and doing my exercise. The wrist tendons still hurt tho so I need to take it easy with wrist movements until they heal up.

Team Baxter brought dinner over night and hung out! I can already tell using my left hand is getting easier and my shoulder movement feels better! And it’s only day 4!!!

Hopefully I can sleep better tonight but maybe not because of the big nap?

Day 5

Best nights sleep yet! But as soon as the pain meds wear off it’s still uncomfortable to sleep, I’m going to try and go all day without meds and only use them for sleep aid tonight.

Had my 2nd poop this morning! 

Actually got out of the house today and went for a car ride to drop off the dodge! Felt amazing to be outside! 

Started with my exercises this morning without pain meds and was still able to do them, really going to try and do them every 2 hours today

3rd poop of the day! Obviously making up for lost time! 

Trying to work on the computer a little bit, still worried about my forearm tendons...

Walked around a bit more today, I can bend down and touch my toes now so getting a lot of flexion in!

Bought a fluid trainer for the mountain bike today, once I get back from the coast I’ll get it set up and start easing back into exercise! I’ll put together a whole come back your plan!

Still sleeping on couch somewhat inclined,

Only took pain meds tonight to help with sleep and because they are awesome... I’ll probably continue that until I see the doc on Tuesday. Exercises are much easier to do when I take them...

I’m trying to wrap my wrist to prevent excess movement to see if that helps my tendons feel any better... going to sleep with it tonight.

Day 6

Each night once the pain meds wear off my shoulder / forearm start aching enough to make it hard to sleep. No matter the position a dull to semi dull pain radiates through my shoulder. I thought I would be able to use the computer better but using the mouse is still too difficult. I can place my arm onto the keyboard to type but even that is not comfortable. It’s mostly the external rotation of sitting with your arm at 90 degrees and trying to rotate it away from your body. If the mouse is directly in front of me its a little better. I know it will get easier I just wasn’t planning on being unable to do the computer work I need to do for this long! 

Went on a nice drive to oakridge today actually took a nap in the car when literally NEVER happens! Had some friends come visit so went to dinner with them and then popped some pain pills before bed.

Moved back to the real bed tonight and off the couch! 1st part of the night was great but same thing keeps happening where pain meds wear off and the dull uncomfortable pain sets in and won’t go away... I tried to prop myself up but no luck, I’ll try to figure out something for tomorrow night...

Day 7:

I can actually put a shirt on by myself now, but the dressing is getting sticky from all the adhesive so it catches on shit a makes it difficult. Just need to make it to Tuesday and hopefully I’ll get it fixed up. Not being able to shower makes working out and getting sweaty a no go, I’m stoked to get to the point where I can at least hike and workout my legs! Soon...

Welp, back to my new hot dance move! The pendulum! 

Took the dog for a walk today, wen’t downtown and actually drove back.

Sleeping in bed again tonight with more pillows to prop myself up a little higher. Use the ice machine again.

Forearm tendonitis is still super painful, tried to ice it but did not do much.

Took another bath this evening and it felt great! Bandage is starting to self destruct so I hope it comes off on Tuesday!

Surgery Prep

I finally heard back from the doctor and it sounds like they are choosing to do the full open up anterior shoulder surgery as oppose to the arthroscopic tiny hole surgery... I'll be rocking a decent scar after it's over! Not going to lie, I'm a little nervous to go under the knife. I'm 32 and have never had anesthesia before so I really hope my body reacts ok. From what I understand I will be getting a nerve block in that arm that will eliminate all feeling for the 1st 24-48 hours depending on how fast your body responds. After that it's going to be a painful 1st week but quickly looks better from there on. I'm going to be sleeping in our giant beanbag (actually full of memory foam) for the 1st week to keep pressure off the shoulder. I'm going in to meet with the doc today and go over any questions, concerns, and the procedure so hopefully I'll know more after that. 

Currently my forearm on the bad side is super tight and painful to fully extend. I'm thinking that during this week of babying my shoulder I've over compensated the use of my wrist and forearm and fatigued the muscle. Almost feels like it's got a big knot or is cramping from having T-rex baby arm position too long. I'm going to take it easy for the rest of the day and see if that helps anything. Oh an to add to the fun I managed to chop a big piece of my left hand middle finger off last night making dinner. So now my only good arm can't really grip anything... When it rains it pours!  All it takes is seeing someone in a wheel chair to realize how lucky you are to have what you have. 

All I want to do is work on the maps! I'm going to use this down time to focus on the computer part of the business, setting up social media, tuning up the website, getting all the necessary marketing material together and also designed a bunch of new trails to make as soon as my arm function improves! 

Snap, Crackle, Pop...

And he's out for the season... That's how this summer started out. Was on a muddy group ride in Oakridge, about 80% done with Heckletooth when I washed out on a slowish off camber corner and went OTB... I've dislocated by shoulder a few times snowboarding as a young lad but it hasn't happened in almost 10 years. I was able to pop it back in and limp down the trail only to get to the bottom, reach up to take my helmet off, and have it dislocate AGAIN!! No fun... Fast forward and I just got back from the CT Scan which showed a Boney Bankart fracture, which is when the humerus chips off a piece of the socket wall as it dislocates. If you don't get this piece put back then your bone has a nice little channel to slip out of more easily... So look like surgery is in the near future! I'm going to use this blog to record my weekly recovery process to hopefully assist others in knowing what to expect for this somewhat common injury...

Looking at this glass 1/2 full I have a brand new business idea to try and get up and going! I've been quietly working on Topo Trail Maps for the better part of this year but only recently have realized the potential! Stay tuned for updates on both the recovery and getting these maps out into the world!