3D Maps

3D Maps


You choose the trail, we’ll make the map! Click “Add to Cart” and enter your map details on the form. We confirm everything before getting started.

3D Maps feature:

  • Title & Location

  • Trail Inlay, Topography, & Stats

  • Oil Rubbed Hardwood

  • 22 x 18 inch Professional Frame in Black or White



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All our Maps are designed and built completely from scratch to the highest standards. We'll confirm all your info before we get to work and in the unlikely event that we can’t make your map you will receive 100% refund.

For custom recorded trails you will need to email us the .GPX or .KML file… after you place your order. Most apps like Strava will let you download this file and we can help you figure out how to find it. Please send it to info@topotrailmaps.com

FUN FACT: If you were a massive giant and the Earth was the size of a pool ball, it would be smoother then any pool ball we could make. The highest and lowest points are only 5 miles up or down… So with this remember that the longer the trail the more we zoom out and the less topographic detail the map will have.

Shipping time will be around 3-4 weeks... because each piece is meticulously handcrafted!