Can you make any trail?

Usually… If your trail lies in the extreme north or south areas of the world, such as northern Alaska or Sweden the satellite data can get a little weird. If you happen to order a trail in one of these “dead zones” and I can’t figure out how to make it I will refund you right away.

Check out this website if you think this may apply to your trail. If you see a red square over your area we should be good to go… https://dwtkns.com/srtm/

Ordering A Map

We offer both 2-Dimensional and 3-Dimensional trail maps in our Pro series framed style or our National Parks style in multiple sizes. Start by deciding what trail you’d like (yes, you can choose ANY trail, each map is designed from scratch). Established Hiking and Biking trails work best (meaning it has a name and existing trail data) but we can also use your own recorded GPS data or Race Routes. We need actual trail data to create our custom maps so a JPEG or PDF picture or your trail won’t work… .GPX or .KML are the preferred file types but don’t worry, we can help you find this.

When you click “add to cart” it will ask for your map details. If you have a custom idea in mind please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Custom commission work is handled on a case by case basis. Check out our Custom Projects page and shoot us a request.

FUN FACT: If you were a massive giant and the Earth was the size of a pool ball, it would be smoother then any pool ball we could make. The highest and lowest points are only 5 miles up or down… So with this remember that the longer the trail the more we zoom out and the less topographic detail the map will have.

Map Details

Painstakingly assembled by hand, our maps feature beautiful hardwoods with custom trail inlays. You’ll notice the wood grain flows through the entire map giving them a look you won’t find anywhere else. Each piece of wood will look slightly different creating a map that is 100% unique. We use satellite data and GIS software to create these maps with incredible accuracy!

Please keep in mind that this is ART. It's not meant to be a navigational map or be used like one. We simply want to show off the cool trails we love and give you a way to share that excitement with others! We really like to take a minimalistic approach to our design. When in doubt less is more.

The example below shows how different terrain can look. The left is a slice of the Grand Canyon and the right is a local bike loop here in Bend, Oregon.... The point being that even if your terrain is relatively flat the maps will still highlight the trail and look amazing! 


What is your Shipping Policy?

If you’re not Amazon, shipping is annoyingly expensive. We calculate individual rates based on location and try to offer the lowest rate possible. We offer FREE OREGON SHIPPING! Shipping time will be around 3-4 weeks for most maps... because every map is designed and assembled from scratch by me! All maps are shipped fully insured and protected. We will send out tracking info as soon as we have it. Please inspect the map upon arrival for any damage that may have incurred during shipping. We really try to over protect our maps the best we can to insure they arrive safe. In the very very unlikely event that your map is damaged we'll do our best to fix the problem or make another one for you! If you are sending your map as a gift just let us know if you'd like a personal note or anything else (exploding confetti perhaps?).

What is your Return Policy?

Our maps are 100% made to order so we don’t offer returns. We will however do everything in our power to make you happy. If for some reason we can’t make your map after you place your order you will received a complete refund. There are a lot of tiny details on each map and mistakes can happen, I’m just a man for God’s sake! 😂. If we do make a mistake we will do our best to fix it, even replacing your map at no charge. Long story short, don’t stress, you’ll LOVE your map!

Can I keep my map outside?

Sorry, but our maps are happiest inside, and away from high moisture environments. Being natural wood, subtle color changes can happen over time.

Do you make larger maps?

Yep… Our largest map so far is a custom 9’ x 12’ Topo Wall of Crater Lake National Park that weighs over 600lbs... Please contact us if you have any larger project ideas. We always like a challenge…

crater lake topo wall

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